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    • Member State: Czechia
    • Title: Legal and practical implications of the incorrect transposition of the Directive on unfair terms
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    • Type: article
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    • Reference: ŠŤAVÍKOVÁ ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ, Iva. Právní a praktické dopady nesprávné transpozice směrnice o zneužívajících klauzulích. Jurisprudence, Wolters Kluwer a.s., 2013, XXII, vol. 6, pages 27-32. ISSN 1802-3843.
    • Publication Year: 2013
    • Keywords: average consumer, consumer rights, general discussion on the national implementation, right of withdrawal
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    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link
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    The article deals with the incorrect implementation of Article 6 (1) of Directive 93/13 / EEC. Incorrect transposition of the Directive is viewed in the light of a judgment of the Constitutional Court. The author examines whether the principle of supremacy that is recognized within the meaning of a resolution by the Simmenthal judgment applies equally to the Directive, as was implied by the Constitutional Court. Incorrect transposition of the Directive is also discussed in connection with compensation and who is obliged to compensate.
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