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    • Lidstaat: Europese Unie
    • Titel: Verfijning van de transparantievereiste en duiding van de rol van aanvullend nationaal recht in het EU-recht inzake oneerlijke bedingen
    • Subtitel:
    • Vorm: article
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    • Auteur: GEIREGAT, S.
    • Referentie: TBBR 2015, 3, 153-163
    • Jaar van publicatie: 2015
    • Trefwoorden: credit agreement, plain, intelligble language, unfair terms
  • Richtlijnartikelen
    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link
  • Koptekst
    In this annotation of judgement C-26/13 of the European Court of Justice, the author argues that the European Court of Justice broadly defines the notion "plain" and "intelligible" as stipulated in article 4(2) of the Directive. Clauses should not only be grammatically correct, they should also allow the consumer to understand the (economic) consequences of the clause. Although the author applauds the judgement, she also stresses that there is a duty for consumers to actively inform themselves. Secondly, the author investigates the role of supplementing national laws, and comes to the conclusion that the national judge should always be allowed to supplement the agreement with national, ordinary law when this is in line with the interests of the trader.
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