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Valstybė narė Lietuva
Pavadinimas Tarptautinės privatinės teisės normos ir nesąžiningų sąlygų direktyva
Tipas article
Reference BUBLIENĖ, Danguolė. Tarptautinės privatinės teisės normos ir nesąžiningų sąlygų direktyva. In Teisė, 2006, v. 59.
Publication Year 2006
Raktažodžiai general discussion on the national implementation, jurisdiction, unfair terms

Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Article 6, 2.

The article analyzes provisions regulating applicable law to consumer contracts of the Rome Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations; gaps of these provisions resulting in diffuse of international applicable norms in separate instruments of the European Union. It also analyzes provision of Para 2 of Article 6 of the Council Directive 93I13IEEC of 5 April 1993 on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts, which oblige Members States of the European Union to create relevant applicable law rules and implement this provision in the Lithuanian law.

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