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    • Member State: Greece
    • Title: Consumer Protection Law: L. 2251/1994 as in force: interpretation- case law- practical application
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    • Type: monograph
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    • Author: KARAKOSTAS, I.
    • Reference: 3η έκδοση, Αθήνα , Νομική Βιβλιοθήκη (3rd edition, Athens: Nomiki Bibliothiki)
    • Publication Year: 2016
    • Keywords: consumer, judicial review, plain, intelligble language, supplier, unfair terms
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    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link
  • Headnote
    This monograph includes a per article interpretation of the law 2251/1994 (consumer protection law). It contains a chapter that refers to the lawfulness of the General Terms of Transactions (pre-defined standard contractual clauses for future contracts). It first examines those clauses in light of the freedom of contracts principle and analyses also their meaning and their scope in the transactions in general. In addition, the lawfulness of those terms is assessed in view of how they are implemented in a contract (knowledge of their content from the consumer – clear and written form, use of the right language, receipt of the consumer’s consent). Further, the author elaborates on how they should be interpreted and on how the abusiveness principle is examined. Lastly, the author points out specific examples of the use of such terms in the banking transactions.
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