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    • Member State: Greece
    • Title: From Directive 94/47/EC to Directive 2008/122/EC
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    • Type: book chapter
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    • Author: Kassioti, I.
    • Reference: “International and European Legal Dimension of Tourism, Minutes of the 2nd Conference of Tourism Law”, Koutsouradis, A., Nomiki Bibliothiki, pages 82-90
    • Publication Year: 2012
    • Keywords: advance payment, consumer, harmonisation, information obligation, right of withdrawal
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    Timeshare Directive, link
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    The author explains that the initial objective of the European Community regarding the issuance of Directive 94/47/EC was to protect the financial interests of the consumers related to time sharing. Further the Commission, issued Directive 2008/122/EC after taking into consideration the need to review the previous Directive especially in relation to its scope and definitions in order to cover all holidays products as well as to define the requirements regarding the content of the information provided to consumers and the language in which this information and the correspondent contract are laid down. The author discusses on the purpose of Directive 2008/122/EC arguing that it aims to a more effective consumer protection. She elaborates on the Dirictive’s scope, the pre-contractual and contractual obligations for providing information to consumers, the right of withdrawal and the prohibition of advance payment. Finally, the author highlights the fact that although the Directive adopts the principle of full harmonization, it also sets exceptions that allow the national legislator to introduce or retain provisions that diverge from those of the Directive
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