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    • Member State: Czechia
    • Title: Application of EU law by Czech courts in private matters in 2004-2008
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    • Type: article
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    • Author: Helena Bončková, Milan Žondra
    • Reference: Helena Bončková and Milan Žondra, Aplikace práva EU českými soudy v soukromoprávních věcech v letech 2004–2008, Část II. Nařízení. Právní fórum, Praha: ASPI, 2011, roč. 8, ISSN 1214-7966.
    • Publication Year: 2011
    • Keywords: accommodation, case law, consumer, consumer rights
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    Distance Selling Directive, link
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    This article shows examples of application of EU law in Czech case law. One of the cases in this article is related to the Directive 97/7/EC and is here detailed analysed. In the summary in this article there are also other cases from Czech courts, where the most important principles of law of EU are applied.
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    • Member State: Czechia
    • National ID: 5 Co 2864/2008
    • Common Name: link
    • Directive Articles: Distance Selling Directive, Article 3, 2.
    • Decision Date: 06/02/2009

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