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    • Member State: France
    • Title: Reform of the commercial practices. Law N° 2008-3 of January 3, 2008
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    • Type: article
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    • Author: FERRIER, D.
    • Reference: D. 2008. 429
    • Publication Year: 2008
    • Keywords: unfair commercial practices
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    Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, link
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    The author provides an overview of the impacts of the Law of January 3, 2008, which integrates in France Directive 2005/29 CE on unfair commercial practices. The Law of January 3, 2008 is in line with the previous reforms but it has the explicit objective of increasing the purchasing power of the consumer by creating a drop in resale prices. The threshold of resale at a loss is subsequently further lowered as a result of a new formalization of the contractual relations between supplier and distributor.
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