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    • Member State: Greece
    • Title: The new type of class action of article 10 par. 16 (d) of the law no 2251/1994 (article 13 of the law no 3587/2007) in the example of the abusive terms of the consumer contracts
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    • Author: G.I. DELLIOS
    • Reference: Η νέα μορφή συλλογικής αγωγής του άρθρου 10 παρ. 16 περ.δ’ του ν.2251/1994 (άρθρο 13 του ν.3587/2007) στο παράδειγμα των καταχρηστικών όρων των καταναλωτικών συμβάσεων, Αρμενόπουλος, 2008, 7, 1005-1015
    • Publication Year: 2010
    • Keywords: collective action, judicial recourse, legal actions
  • Directive Articles
    Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, Chapter 4, Article 11
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    This article discusses the new type of class action that was introduced by the new article 13 of the law no 3587/2007 (article 10 par. 16 d of the law no 2251/1994) that implemented the UCP Directive into the Greek legal framework.

    One of the main topics discussed by this article, is the legal enforcement of a court decision over a class action. It analyses the fact that the legal consequences of a judgment shall apply to all persons even if they are not parties to the action (erga omnes). The article underlines the fact that class actions are governed by the procedure of voluntary jurisdiction, which is faster than other types of procedures.

    In addition, the article analyses other technical issues, such as the scope of the claim, the deadline to file the action, the prescription of the claim, the time frame of the hearing, etc.
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