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    • Member State: Italy
    • Title: The change introduced in the Consumer Code in the field of distance contracts with consumers. First comments on Legislative Decree No. 21/2014 as implementation law of Directive 2011/83/EU
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    • Type: article
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    • Author: DELFINI, F.
    • Reference: Rivista di diritto privato, 2015, fasc. 2, pagg. 189-201
    • Publication Year: 2015
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  • Directive Articles
    Consumer Rights Directive, Chapter 3, Article 6 Consumer Rights Directive, Chapter 3, Article 9
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    This article contains an initial general overview of the European legal discipline laid down to protect consumers in distance contracting, then the author passes to analyze the framework ruled by Directive 2011/83/EU and its Italian implementation law, the Legislative Decree No. 21/2014. In the second part the attention is focused on the means provided to grant to consumers an adequate protection, such as the information requirement to be performed by the trader and the legal arrangement of the withdrawal right.
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