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    • Member State: Netherlands
    • Title: Distance contracting with consumers
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    • Type: article
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    • Author: LOOS, M.B.M.
    • Reference: NTER 2001/5
    • Publication Year: 2001
    • Keywords: distance contracting, Distance Selling Directive, information obligation
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    Distance Selling Directive, link Distance Selling Directive, Article 4 Distance Selling Directive, Article 6 Distance Selling Directive, Article 7
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    This article discusses the Directive for distance contracting, the Dutch implementation thereof and lastly, the draft directive concerning distance-selling of financial services. The author determines that the implementation of the Directive results in a considerable increase of consumer protection concerning distance-selling and contracting, but is unpleased with the lack of harmonisation concerning the period of notice before expiration of the power to terminate.
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