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    • Member State: Czech Republic
    • Title: Consumer disputes and arbitration clauses
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    • Type: website article
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    • Author: ZILA, M.
    • Reference: Žíla, M.: Spotřebitelské spory a rozhodčí doložky. 22.10.2010
    • Publication Year: 2010
    • Keywords: general discussion on the national implementation, legal actions, unlawful practice
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    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link
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    This article offers a view of the national rules of the Arbitration Act in the light of applicable law, as well as the interpretation of relevant provisions and its application, from the perspective of both lawyers and arbitrators, all in the context of consumer disputes in the case law of the European Court of Justice. The primary focus of the article is Directive 93/13 / EEC.
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