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Država članica Slovenija
Naslov Razdor, odpoved in odstop od pogodbe
Vrsta article
URL http://www.iusinfo.si/LITE/Besedilo.aspx?SOPI=PL101D20110101A5&Src=jlLuHIFYz3GGHt842oTagg%3d%3d
sl_Author MOŽINA D.
sl_Reference Pravni letopis, 2011, str. 57.
sl_Publication Year 2011
Ključne besede B2C, consumer, right of withdrawal

Distance Selling Directive, link Doorstep Selling Directive, link

The author examines in depth three ways one party of a contract can save itself from the obligation arising from a (valid) contract. These three methods are termination, cancellation and withdrawal from a contract, withdrawal being the method of the Directives 85/577/EEC and 97/7/EC. He compares the European provisions with the provisions of the Yugoslavian Obligations Act of 1978 and the provisions of the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act and presents the legal consequences of a withdrawal in Slovenian legislation in depth at the time.

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