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Conference "European cooperation on judicial training for court staff and bailiffs"


The European Commission invites training providers for the professions of court staff and bailiffs/ judicial officers to a 1 ½ day conference on " European cooperation on judicial training for court staff and bailiffs" on 29 afternoon and 30 October in Brussels.

This conference aims at providing a platform for identifying areas for improvement in the training of these professions, and to encourage cooperation between their respective training providers by comparing existing cross-border cooperation mechanisms between the training providers of these professions and those of other judicial professions. Discussions will highlight the topics of common interest for this cross-border cooperation such as training methodology, experts, train the trainers, training material and training activities.

Regarding practical details, the European Commission will take care of the travel and accommodation expenses for one participant per each training institution/network for court staff/bailiffs, as is specified in the invitation. Translation will be provided to and from English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish language. More information can be found on the Link opens in new windowconference webpage.

Registration deadline: 2 October 2015.