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Conference on training justice professionals to counter terrorism and violent extremism


Providers of training for judges, prosecutors, prison and probation staff are the main target group of a conference the European Commission is organising on 19-20 May 2016 in Brussels in cooperation with the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN). In order to enable the training providers to get a clearer picture of the existing training needs in this field, important EU level organisations and networks representing the professionals concerned are also invited to join this event.

This conference aims at providing a platform for discussing concrete training needs, training content and training methods related either to measures countering terrorism (such as the prosecution of terrorist suspects, the judicial procedures associated with preventive measures, such as travel restrictions or orders to delete web content), or to the judicial response to violent extremism (such as prevention of radicalisation in prisons, rehabilitation programmes, and alternatives to detention). The conference will also provide information about up-coming EU supported training projects and co-funding possibilities for further training projects in this area.

As far as the training of prison and probation staff is concerned, this is the first conference organised by DG Justice and Consumers of the European Commission where training providers for these professions from across the European Union will have the opportunity to meet, establish direct contacts and exchange their practices.

Regarding the training of criminal judges and prosecutors, this conference will be a follow-up of a pilot series of training activities initiated towards the end of last year by the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), a co-organiser of this conference.

This conference will also include interactive small-group discussions on the design of training activities in specific areas related to the judicial response to terrorism and violent extremism. It is therefore important that participants are involved in the implementation of judicial training "on the ground", rather than only monitoring the training of judges, prosecutors, prison or probation staff.

More information and the online registration form can be found at this webpage: Link opens in new window

Those interested in participation should register by 18 April. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided into and from English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish, with the exception of the 45 min. discussion in small groups, which will be held in English.