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Published: Calls of proposals for action grants to support national or transnational e-Justice projects


The objective is to contribute to achieving the objectives of the European e-Justice Strategy 2014-2018.


The first priority will be given to support of the implementation of a platform for Mutual Legal Assistance requests regarding e-evidence, in line with the Conclusions of the Council of the European Union on improving criminal justice in cyberspace, adopted on 9 June 2016.

Secondary priorities concern project applications aiming at joining or enhancing existing or ongoing e-Justice portal projects.

  • Interconnection of National Insolvency Registers (IRI);
  • Find a Lawyer (FAL);
  • Find a Notary (FAN);
  • Find a Bailiff (FAB);
  • Implementation of the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) in case law repositories and interconnection with the e-Justice Portal;
  • Land Registers Interconnection (LRI);
  • European Court Database;
  • Other e-Justice portal projects related to development of the relevant EU policies, such as victims' rights, rights of suspects and accused in criminal proceedings, and projects which are in advanced stage of development or already live on the Portal at the moment when the call is published.

More information can be found Link opens in new windowhere.

Reference: JUST-JACC-EJU-AG-2017
Planned opening for application submission: 27 April 2017
Submission deadline: 17:00 (Brussels time) 11 July 2017