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New look BETA e-Justice Portal released


After a thorough usability study of the needs of its users the European e-Justice Portal  has been completely redesigned and the BETA version of the user interface is now available to the public.

What has changed

The main changes that have been implemented are:

User interface: If you are a regular visitor to the e-Justice Portal you will immediately notice that the look of the Portal has changed. The change in the user interface was implemented after an in-depth usability study.

New structure: The usability study showed that the different topics covered in the Portal should be  grouped together in a better way. The structure of the different sections has been updated to create a more logical grouping of information for EU citizens, businesses and legal professionals alike.

New titles: The titles of the pages in Portal have been revised to be more descriptive of the content of the page.

Still to be implemented

Some features which link into external systems have not yet been fully implemented in the BETA Portal. Examples of this are the online (dynamic) forms and the Find a Lawyer/Notary tool. These are being worked on and will be gradually added, starting with the online forms.

These features are still available in the current Portal as usual.

Your feedback

The current and the BETA interface will both be accessible to use until June 2018. We encourage you to use the BETA Portal and fill in the feedback form to send us any remarks you may have regarding the new look. The feedback form is available by clicking on the yellow tag on the left margin of any page in the BETA Portal.