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The Estonian E-Business Register started to issue company registry cards also in English


Since the beginning of January, company registry cards may be looked at and printed out from the Estonian E-Business Register translated into English which helps the entrepreneurs to save both time and money which was spent before on the translation and confirmation of the printouts.

The development of the E-Business Register which enables the English version of registry cards is yet another step towards the improvement of Estonian business environment.

The created functionality makes it possible to get the copy of translated registry card considerably quicker and to send it outside the country, if necessary, to institutions, business partners and potential investors. So far, a sworn translator had to be turned to in order to get the registry card in English that took time and meant additional costs.

A company registry card in English is automatically translated by the environment and therefore the card may contain in some cases also the parts of text which have not been translated (e.g. texts which concern the merger, the division or specifications of the right of representation) which are displayed in Estonian also in the future. If the registry card in English contains untranslated lines of text, the user is notified thereof in the card header upon opening the card and it is recommended to turn to a sworn translator if necessary.

Both the B-part and the A-part of the registry card in English, as well as the registry cards of non-profit associations and foundations in English can be obtained from the E-Business Register environment. It is also possible for foreigners to look directly at registry cards in English in the Business Register information system.

In addition to the printout of valid card information it is also possible to look at the printout containing the history of card information in English.

The E-Business Register information system which is administered by the Estonian Centre for Registers and Information Systems is a service based on the database of registration departments of courts consisting of digital data of the Business Register, the Non-profit Associations and Foundations Register and the Commercial Pledge Register.

Inquiries from the E-Business Register information system can be made about the valid/invalid information of legal persons.

County court registration departments have and confirm the data of the E-Business Register information system.

The E-Business Register is located at the address Link opens in new window