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  • Iný materiál
    • Členský štát: Slovensko
    • Vychádza z: Európske spotrebiteľské centrum v Slovenskej republike
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    • Kľúčové slová: package travel, timeshare contract, travel
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  • Články smernice
    Timeshare Directive, link
  • Úvodná poznámka
    The guideline issued by the European consumer center in Slovak republic analysis various aspects of holiday and timesharing.

    In particular the guideline analyses what are the conditions for the consumer contract, when is the person in the postion of the consumer and mains aspects of the timeshare contract.

    The authors further name all the important aspects the consumer should be aware prior to concluding a contract for travel package or a timeshare contract as well as the information that shold be included in such contract in order for the consumer to be sufficiently protected. The guidelines also include information on the right of consumer to withdraw from the contract.

    The authors also provide examples of model contractual clauses and information on where further information could be found as well as summary of important information that should be included in the brochure.
  • Všeobecná poznámka
    The material shall serve as guidelines summarizing comparing the advantages and disadvantages of holiday and timesharing.
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