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    • Member State: Greece
    • Title: Package Travel – In general
    • Emanating from: Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies
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    • Keywords: accommodation, organizer, package travel, retailer, transport
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    Package Travel Directive, link
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    The brochure gives the definition of package travel and these of the organizer, seller and traveller respectively, within the meaning of the relevant legislation. P.D. 339/1996 sets all the regulations that tourist agencies should comply with. In fact said legislation should also apply on tailor made packages, according to the case law of the European Court of Justice. Furthermore, P.D. 339/1996 requires the conclusion of a contract between the organizer and the traveller. Such contract should include all info regarding the package travel, that the parties have agreed to. Last but not least, advertising brochures issued by the organizer should not contain any false information.
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