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Autres documents

Autres documents
État membre France
Titre Bill bringing a number of provisions concerning designations and quality and origin signs enhancing the value of agricultural or food products.
Émanant de Parliament
URL https://www.senat.fr/dossier-legislatif/ppl19-048.html
Mots clés food products, agricultural value, healthy and sustainable food, amendments, improving transparency, traceability, production conditions

Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, link

Proposition de loi portant diverses dispositions relatives aux mentions et signes de la qualité et de l'origine valorisant les produits agricoles ou alimentaires.

During the examination of the bill for balanced trade relations in the agricultural and food sector and healthy and sustainable food (EGALIM), the parliamentarians tabled amendments aimed at improving transparency, traceability, and production conditions for agricultural and food products.

Some of these provisions introduced by way of amendment were annulled by the Constitutional Council in its decision on the grounds that they had no connection with the initial text.

The present bill presented by Marie-Pierre MONIER and several of her colleagues aims to take over those of these provisions relating to indications and signs of quality and origin.

Thus, Article 1 aims to specify the conditions for using the term "farmhouse" in order to secure the legal framework for the off-farm maturing of farmhouse cheeses with an official quality and origin identification sign (SIQO).

Article 2 aims to perpetuate and adapt the production of wines with the protected designation of origin (PDO) 'Clairette de Die' and 'Crémant de Die' to consumer expectations and climate change, while guaranteeing the protection of the designation.

Article 3 is intended to specify the labelling of the origin of honeys from mixed production, so that all the countries of origin of the honey produced and mixed are made known to consumers.

Finally, Article 4 provides that the label of a wine bottle or any other container, such as a bag-in-box, must prominently show the country of origin "in all cases where the omission would be likely to mislead the consumer".