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    • Država članica: Slovenija
    • Naslov: Consumer opinion, Slovenia, January 2019 - Consumers started 2019 in a good mood
    • Izhaja iz: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
    • URL: https://www.stat.si/StatWeb/en/news/Index/7912
    • Ključne besede: consumer rights, goods, consumer goods
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    Consumer Rights Directive, link
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    Mnenje potrošnikov, Slovenija, januar 2019 - Potrošniki začeli leto 2019 dobro razpoloženi

    Statistični urad Republike Slovenije

    In January 2019 the consumer sentiment improved for the fourth consecutive month, after a substantial decrease in the middle of 2018. Consumer sentiment reached its historical peak in the beginning of 2018 and remained stable for the first half of the year. It deteriorated substantially from July to September but from October onwards consumer sentiment has been gradually improving. In January 2019, the value of the consumer confidence indicator improved by 1 percentage point (p.p.) at the monthly level and was 16 p.p. above the long-term average. The confidence indicator increased at the monthly level due to more optimistic expectations of consumers regarding the country’s economy (by 4 p.p.),  the percentage of unemployment (by 3 p.p.) and  household finances (by 2 p.p.). Lower expectations in relation with savings (by 3 p.p.) had a negative influence on the monthly change of the sentiment indicator.

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