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  • Inne materiały
    • Państwo członkowskie: Polska
    • Tytuł: Decision of the President of Competition and Consumer Protection Office no. RKT-4/2020
    • Pochodzące od: The President of Competition and Consumer Protection Office
    • URL:
    • Słowa kluczowe: unfair terms, standard contract
  • Artykuły dyrektywy
    Injunctions Directive, Article 2 , Injunctions Directive, Article 3 , Injunctions Directive, Article 3
  • Uwaga główna

    The provision of a standard contract with the following content: "The store waits for the Customer's decisions 24 hours from the moment of sending the e-mail with a request for a decision. In the absence of the Customer's decision, the Store will cancel the order for an unavailable item and send the product or products that are reserved for him" was considered an unfair term.

  • Uwaga ogólna
  • Pełny tekst$file/Decyzja%20RKT-4_2020%20z%2014.07.2020%20Merlin%20Commerce%20Warszawa%20-%20klauzule.pdf