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New Court Information System in Estonia

The Centre for Registers and Information Systems has signed a contract according to which the development of a new version of the court information system in cooperation with the Supreme Court will be commenced.

Visual Business Register displays commercial networks in Estonia

Estonia's e-Business Register now offers a new and convenient tool for getting a graphical overview of the connections between legal persons registered in the Business Register and natural persons. The Visualized Business Register enables the possibility to make inquiries concerning persons related to companies and the results are displayed as a graphical drawing.

Practitioners give advice to European citizens: New 'Citizens' guide to cross-border civil litigation in the European Union' published on the EJN website

A 'Citizens' guide to cross-border civil litigation in the European Union' has been published on the Link opens in new windowEJN website.

The European Commission invites companies to participate in the consultation about European Contract Law.

The European Business Test Panel (EBTP) is currently being consulted on how a European Contract Law can boost their cross-border activities within the Single Market. Any individual company can join the EBTP and submit its reply, which should not take longer than 15 minutes.

Romania adopts the "Small Reform Law"

Romania has adopted the Law for Accelerating Judicial Proceedings ("The Small Reform Law")

Estonia provides world class e-government services on the Internet

It is now possible to get a comprehensive summary about e-services developed by the Centre of Registries and Information Systems by means of the Link opens in new windowhttp://www.gov.scot/Publications/2014/08/5429 home page. The web page contains simple video clips introducing services and summaries incorporating more technical information. The home page provides information on the E-Business Register, the E-Land Register and the E-File.

Yambol administrative Court of Bulgaria, Winner of the Crystal Scales of Justice Prize for innovative Court practices

Equal before the law, but not always equal before the language – Improving communication between courts and citizens

European e-Justice Portal launch ceremony - photos and videos

European e-Justice portal launch ceremony - photos and videos