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Practitioners give advice to European citizens: New 'Citizens' guide to cross-border civil litigation in the European Union' published on the EJN website

    A 'Citizens' guide to cross-border civil litigation in the European Union' has been published on the Link opens in new windowEJN website.

This guide aims at explaining to citizens, in a simple and clear way, what they should do if they need to carry out cross-border civil proceedings and to enforce a claim against a defendant in another Member State. It briefly describes the legal instruments or 'tools' that the European Union has adopted to facilitate their cross-border litigation.

The Guide explains the system of laws that have been adopted by the European Union and designed at EU level to help individuals and businesses with cross-border litigation: the European Payment Order (for uncontested pecuniary claims), the European Enforcement Order (for enforcing an existing judgment) and the European Small Claims Procedure (for claims of up to €2000) are useful legal 'tools'. They offer citizens and businesses across the EU the means for quicker, cheaper and more efficient resolution of cross-border cases.

The Citizens' Guide aims at explaining these 'tools' and the principles behind the laws, so that citizens can choose whether they want to use them, and if so, find out where they can obtain further assistance such as where to find application forms (available in 23 languages) and other more detailed information.