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New Court Information System in Estonia

    The Centre for Registers and Information Systems has signed a contract according to which the development of a new version of the court information system in cooperation with the Supreme Court will be commenced.

According to Project Manager Timo Ligi, the objective is to create a user-friendly system which will simplify the work of courts and enable the better administration of justice. “For us it is also important to ensure the stability of work for court officers, and as simple and smooth implementation of the system as possible.”

“The current court information system, or CIS, is morally outdated and does not meet the user needs,” explained Ligi. “The new system has to reduce the workload of courts, the amount of time spent on the implementation of procedural acts and through this hopefully also the time-limits of proceedings.”

In addition to the former functionalities the new system will have several developments, among other things for example the possibility of obtaining a quick review of the information required for the judge’s work, including the review of judicial practice by different court instances.

It is also planned to interface the system, in addition to the e-file, with the Population Register, the Business Register, the electronic Land Register and the document exchange environment.

The first stage of the new court information system will be completed over the course of this year. The size of the project in progress is 450 000 Euros and it is being funded from the European Regional Development Fund. The activities required for the implementation of information system, including testing and user training, will be financed from the budgets of the Supreme Court and of the courts of the first and second instances.