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***NOTE: Serving of documents PDF creation issue - interim solution (SOLVED)

We are currently aware of an issue that prevents users from creating the filled-in PDF document of "F.1. Request for service of documents" form. The issue is caused by field 5.2 in the form. This issue only affects the form on the current e-Justice Portal and not the Beta e-Justice Portal.

There are 2 options for working around the problem while the permanent fix is implemented.

Option 1

Use the dynamic form on the Beta e-Justice Portal: Link opens in new windowhttps://beta.e-justice.europa.eu/35981/EN/public_documents_forms

Option 2

In the current e-Justice Portal when filling in the form:

  1. put dummy data in field 5.2 of the form
  2. create the PDF form in the normal way
  3. open the PDF form and delete the dummy data from field 5.2

We apologise for any inconvenience that you may experience in the meantime.