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New targeted survey on the digital fairness Fitness Check

The European Commission launched a targeted survey regarding the Link opens in new windowFitness Check of EU consumer law on digital fairness, which will run from 27 June – 25 September 2023. It is accessible via the following link: Link opens in new windowhttps://s.chkmkt.com/?e=332289&d=e&h=E29C0DF43C45602&l=en

The targeted survey complements the public consultation, which concluded in February 2023. The targeted survey contains more specific and technical questions, including about compliance costs, that are aimed in particular at traders, representative associations and different types of enforcement authorities.

The survey questions aim to evaluate the adequacy of EU consumer protection legislation in the digital environment, specifically the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD), the Unfair Contract Terms Directive (UCTD) and the Consumer Rights Directive (CRD). The survey also covers the recent application of the Modernisation Directive and regulatory amendments to the UCPD, UCTD and CRD stemming from this. The interaction between EU consumer law and broader EU digital legislation is also further explored (e.g. DSA, DMA, AI Act, Data Act, GDPR).