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Published: Call for proposals 2018 for the e-Justice Portal DSI in the context of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme


On 28 June 2018, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) of the European Commission published the 2018 e-Justice Portal DSI call for proposals in the context of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme.

The European e-Justice Portal DSI call for proposals provides an excellent opportunity to the respective competent Member State public authorities to either join the e-CODEX system for secure cross-border electronic communication in the justice area, or embark on integration activities with respect to the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System developed in the criminal law field. Furthermore, the call aims to enable national authorities to comply with some of their obligations with regard to two civil law instruments – the interconnection of national insolvency registers, pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/848, and the implementation of multilingual electronic forms on public documents further to Regulation (EU) 2016/1191. In principle, the call will support hook-up, operational and maintenance activities, but associated ancillary measures are not excluded.

The total budget allocated to this call is €4 million. More information on the call and the application modalities can be found Link opens in new windowhere.