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Estonia provides world class e-government services on the Internet

    It is now possible to get a comprehensive summary about e-services developed by the Centre of Registries and Information Systems by means of the Link opens in new window home page. The web page contains simple video clips introducing services and summaries incorporating more technical information. The home page provides information on the E-Business Register, the E-Land Register and the E-File.

The E-Business Register is a portal aimed at entrepreneurs, providing a platform where new companies can be registered, annual reports can be submitted and viewed, and other background queries can be made.  With the help of the portal, a private limited company was founded in just 18 minutes, which is the world record for the registration of a new legal entity.

The E-Land Register enables users to see all data related to registered immovables and perform various real estate transactions with a notary’s help. After the E-Land Register was launched, the average time-limit of proceedings related to registration transactions have shortened from 3 months to only 10 days. Labour costs have also been reduced by nearly 20% thanks to electronic records management.

With the help of the e-Notary, notaries can perform all necessary notarial acts quickly and paperlessly without even leaving the office. The application enables access to various national registers and also functions as a digital archive.

The E-File is a digital information system providing an overview of different phases of criminal, civil, administrative and misdemeanour procedures, procedural acts and court adjudications. This is a unique system in the world which, as far as it is known, is not used in a judicial system anywhere else.

The RIK home page introduces e-services and is a good information source for anyone interested in the development of e-services in Estonia. In addition to video clips, the page also offers introductory PDF documents and presentations. Also, the latest news on RIK can be read on the home page.

The purpose of home page is to give international specialists a comprehensive overview of judiciary e-solutions developed by RIK in order to arouse interest in the development of Estonia’s IT solutions. The interest of international specialists’ in the project has been significant and the home page is updated on an ongoing basis.