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Stakeholder survey on Third Party Litigation Funding in the European Union published

The survey is conducted by Civic Consulting and BIICL as part of a study for the European Commission on Mapping Third Party Litigation Funding (TPLF) in the European Union. The results of the study will assist the European Commission in analysing information on the legal framework and the practical operation of TPLF in the European Union in order to facilitate future policy decisions by the Commission in this area.

The survey is open to all relevant stakeholders, including businesses and their organisations, consumer organisations, other relevant organisations representing citizens in collective actions, litigation funders, lawyers and their organisations, members of the judiciary, academics and other interested parties. The survey is specifically aimed at stakeholders who have experience with TPLF, either as claimants, defendants or in any other role in the EU context, or who have conducted research in this area.

The survey was launched on 11 June 2024 and is available at the following Link opens in new windowlink.

The survey will remain open until 6 August 2024.