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“Building Probation Capacity, What Works” research report

The International Ambassador of the Confederation of European Probation (CEP) Mr Steve Pitts and the organisation’s former Secretary General, Mr Leo Tigges, recently published their research report: “Building Probation Capacity, What Works”. The report examines best practices in building probation capacity and draws on an extensive literature study and work in five countries. The essential elements of the report are the following:

    1. A model or “language” of capacity building to support discussion and capacity building practice. The model helps to identify the present state of probation in a country in terms of aims, probation activities and organisation.
    2. 10 “success factors” in probation capacity building.
    3. Risk factors: amongst them net-widening and mass supervision, high caseloads, and the potential dominance of Electronic Monitoring at the cost of rehabilitation activities.
    4. Informed by European experience, five recommendations to support probation development globally.

The report can be accessed via the Link opens in new windowCEP website and you can find a blog on the report written by the authors Link opens in new windowhere.