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The Estonian e-Business Register now also shows tax arrears

The e-Business Register kept by the Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems now has available additional information– the function of verifying whether an entrepreneur has tax arrears.

The added function provides real-time information on whether an entrepreneur has properly paid taxes or whether he has tax debts towards the Tax and Customs Board and if he has had tax arrears in the past. The system also displays the amount and specific content of the tax arrears.

The option of reviewing information on tax arrears can be used free-of-charge by everyone.

The e-Business Register is a service provided by the Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems, based on the database of the registration departments of county courts and providing real-time data about all legal entities registered in Estonia. The data of entrepreneurs in the Commercial Register and the information about their tax arrears are available at Link opens in new windowhttps://ariregister.rik.ee/index?lang=eng.