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Member State Czech Republic
Title Application of EU law by Czech courts in private matters in 2004-2008
Type article
Author Helena Bončková, Milan Žondra
Reference Helena Bončková and Milan Žondra, Aplikace práva EU českými soudy v soukromoprávních věcech v letech 2004–2008, Část II. Nařízení. Právní fórum, Praha: ASPI, 2011, roč. 8, ISSN 1214-7966.
Publication Year 2011
Keywords accommodation, case law, consumer, consumer rights

Distance Selling Directive, link

This article shows examples of application of EU law in Czech case law. One of the cases in this article is related to the Directive 97/7/EC and is here detailed analysed. In the summary in this article there are also other cases from Czech courts, where the most important principles of law of EU are applied.
Member State National ID Common Name Directive Articles Decision Date
Czech Republic 5 Co 2864/2008 link , 06/02/2009