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Defendants (criminal proceedings)


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What is the normal penalty for road traffic offences?

If you are accused of committing a minor road traffic offence, the usual penalty is a fine. If you have been stopped by the police at the scene and admit the offence, they may issue you with a notice of fine.

What happens if I deny the offence?

If you deny committing an offence, after criminal investigation by the police the matter will be passed to a prosecutor for a decision on whether to bring a prosecution. There will then be a district court hearing if criminal proceedings are commenced. You are not normally entitled to have a public defence counsel in these cases. On the other hand, you are entitled to engage a lawyer at your own expense, and to have an interpreter if you do not speak the language.

What happens in the case of more serious road traffic offences?

If you are suspected of more serious road traffic offences, for example serious drink-driving (more than 100 milligrams per millilitre), the normal sentence is at least one month in prison. If the prosecutor believes he can prove that you are guilty, the matter will always be brought to court. You may then be entitled to a public defence counsel.

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