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This page provides you with an overview of Finland’s case law.

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Presentation of decisions / Headline

For Supreme Courts and most other courts, keywords and headline are shown together with dates, registration number.

Example of headline/s

Finnish Supreme Court


Employment contract - Transfer of undertaking - EU law -  Impact of interpretation of the directive

Registration number: S2006/340

Date of presentation: 29.1.2009

Date of judgment: 23.4.2009

File: 835

brief summary

Case concerns the right of an employee who has resigned during the transfer of an undertaking to receive compensation from the transferee, on the basis of Section 6 of Chapter 7 of the Employment Contracts Act, taking into account the paragraph 2 of article 4 in the Directive of the EU Council 2001/23/EC.


Employment Contracts Act 55/2001, Chapter 7 Section 6

EU Council Directive 2001/23/EC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the safeguarding of employees' rights in the event of transfers of undertakings, businesses or parts of undertakings or businesses,  Article 4 Paragraph 2

The above table shows the information available on Supreme Court judgements. The keywords section includes the keywords and the date of the judgement; the brief summary describes the key content of the judgement, and the references to legislation contain information on relevant national and EU legislation.


Case law in Finland is available in HTML format.

Further proceedings

Information is available on further proceedings in the following courts:

  • General information on appeals is available from the Supreme Court and other courts
  • Information on cases pending is available from both the Supreme Court and other courts
  • The results of appeals are available from the Supreme Court and other courts
  • Information about the irrevocability of a decision is available from the Supreme Court and other courts
  • Information before another court (such as the Constitutional Court) is not available from the Supreme Court or other courts
  • Information about further proceedings before the European Court of Justice is available from the Supreme Court but not from other courts.

Publication rules

There are binding rules for the publication of case law at the national level and at the level of courts.

Full case law is published by the Supreme Courts and special courts. In other courts, only a selection of the case law is published, depending on the importance of the case, the implementation of new or changes to legislation, and the need to harmonise implementation.

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