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I am a victim of a crime who do I contact for support and assistance?

The Police………199/1460

The State Hospital First Aid Services

The District Welfare Services

The Educational Psychology Service

The Mental Health Services

A victim support helpline

Non-Governmental Organisations

The following helplines are available in the Republic of Cyprus:

1460 - Citizen hotline

1440 - Domestic Violence hotline

1498 - Drug Information and Assistance helpline

116111 - Child and juvenile support helpline

116000 - Cyprus Hotline for Missing Children

Is victim support free?

Victim support provided by governmental agencies and NGOs is free of charge.

What types of support can I receive from state services or authorities?

You can receive the following types of support from state services:

  • Healthcare services from the Medical Services
  • Psychological Support from Mental Health Services and the Educational Psychology Service
  • Protection from the Social Welfare Services, on the basis of warrants issued against the offender and/or victim protection warrants
  • Adoption of special police measures during the investigation, to prevent repeat victimisation
  • Effective police protection to prevent intimidation or retaliation by the offender and/or any other persons
  • Court measures during the hearing , to protect victims with special protection needs (e.g. children, victims with psycho-social disabilities).

If you are a victim of domestic violence, a child victim of sexual abuse or a victim of human trafficking, the Social Welfare Services will inform you of your rights and will offer you support. They will also put you in contact with all competent state agencies and NGOs which will handle your case and offer you support. If your interests conflict with those of your parents, the Director of the Social Welfare Services will take all steps necessary to protect you.

What types of support can I receive from non-governmental organisations?

You can receive the following types of support from non-governmental organisations:

  • Psychological support;
  • Accommodation in victim support shelters.
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