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Tools for finding legal professionals in EU countries

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If you are confronted with a legal dispute or seek legal advice you may need to turn to a lawyer.

If you need to ensure legal security and effectiveness for a private document or enforce a deed or seek an arbitrator for a dispute or, even simply, obtain legal advice, you may need to turn to a notary.

If you

  • need to understand and be understood during a hearing held in another Member State,
  • need legal translation for a document or a contract,
  • need interpretation in court, at a police station or before administrative authorities you may want to turn to a legal translator or a legal interpreter.

If you decide to use mediation you would meet with a mediator who can help you talk things through and reach an agreement.

If you need to examine an object or a situation requiring a specialist in the field you can ask for the services of a forensic expert.

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Last update: 20/05/2019