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Legal Literature Details
Member State Greece
Title Consumer protection law: greek- community: article by article interpretation of the L. 2251/1994 and other related laws
Type monograph
Author ALEXANDRIDOU, E. (editor)
Reference 2η έκδοση, Αθήνα , Νομική Βιβλιοθήκη (2nd edition, Athens: Nomiki Bibliothiki
Publication Year 2015
Keywords consumer, contract law, judicial review, transparency, unfair terms

Unfair Contract Terms Directive, link

This monograph includes, inter alia, a thorough analysis of article 2 of the law 2251/1994 (protection of the consumers – General Terms of Transactions, abusiveness principle). The author refers to the meaning and the scope of the pre-formulated standard terms (General Terms of Transactions). It also analyses the importance of the principle of transparency as well as the validity of those terms based on their proper interpretation and the nature and true meaning of their content. Finally, reference is made to the “per se” abusive terms (those terms that are included in the non-exhaustive list of abusive clauses set in article 2 par. 7 of the law 2251/1994) and to the legal consequences of the abusiveness of those terms.
This is a collective work under the care of professor Alexandridou E.

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