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Article 29(1)(a) - Courts with jurisdiction

Local courts (okrajna sodišča) and district courts (okrožna sodišča) have competence.

Article 29(1)(b) - Review procedure

Local and district courts have competence for review procedures and the application of Article 20 of the Regulation.

Article 29(1)(c) - Means of communication

Communication with court takes place via post, electronic means, using communication technology, delivered directly to court or delivered by a person engaged professionally in submitting applications (commercial provider) (Article 105(b) of the Civil Procedure Act (hereinafter: ZPP), Uradni List RS (UL RS; Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia), Nos 73/07 – official consolidated version, 45/08 – Arbitration Act (ZArbit), 45/08, 111/08 – Constitutional Court Decision, 57/09 – CC Dec., 12/10 – CC Dec., 50/10 – CC Dec., 107/10 – CC Dec., 75/12 – CC Dec., 40/13 – CC Dec., 92/13 – CC Dec., 10/14 – CC Dec. and 48/15 – CC Dec., 13.8.2007, p. 10425).

Article 29(1)(d) - Accepted languages

The official languages are Slovenian plus the two national minority languages, which are in official use at the courts in the areas where these national minorities live (Articles 6 and 104 ZPP). The national minority languages are Italian and Hungarian.

Mixed-nationality areas are defined by the Establishment of Municipalities and Municipal Boundaries Act (UL RS, Nos 108/06 - official consolidated version and 9/11; hereinafter: ZUODNO). Article 5 ZUODNO states that: 'Mixed-nationality areas pursuant to this act are those defined as such by the current municipal statutes of Lendava, Hodoš‑Šalovci, Moravske Toplice, Koper, Izola and Piran.'

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