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Business registers at European level

This section briefly introduces the cooperation of business registers at European level.

Interconnection of EU Business Registers

Following the adoption of Link opens in new windowDirective 2012/17/EU, a system of interconnection of business registers is being set up at EU level, in a joint effort involving all the EU Member States and the European Commission.

The system is known as the Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS). When in place, BRIS will:

  • Ensure access at EU level to information on companies registered in the Member States, and
  • Enable, for the first time, the electronic communication between all EU business registers. They will be able to exchange information in relation to foreign branches and cross-border mergers of companies.

Thanks to BRIS, citizens, businesses and national authorities will be able to search, via the e-Justice portal, for information filed by companies in the national registers. In addition, the new system will improve the communication between registers by allowing them to exchange trustworthy information on companies between each other.

BRIS should go live by 8 June 2017.

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Last update: 23/03/2017