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Land registers at European level

This section briefly introduces the European Land Information Service (EULIS) and the European Land Registry Association (ELRA) – two networks of land registers that operate at European level.

What is EULIS?

The EULIS Service (European Land Information Service) is an online portal enabling access into land registries across European borders.

It provides access to land and property information for professional customers in Europe. It is also a hub of information where you can find out about different land registration conditions in each country.

Currently, the national land registers of five Member States of the EU provide their land and property information in the EULIS network. Ten more EU Member States are at various stages working towards connection to the EULIS service. Contact details and website links of all EU official land registry organisations can be also found on the EULIS website.

What does EULIS offer?

The EULIS website offers links and information for all land registries in Europe. The EULIS service offers easy online access to official land and property information from all participating countries. Land registry organisations act as suppliers to and distributors of land information via the EULIS portal.

Registered land registry customers can search for land and property information in any connected register of EULIS by searching in the local service - there are help guides and customer service representatives for assistance. You can download and view the result of the search direct and online. Customers are charged through their regular national billing process.

In addition, the service provides online reference information from each participating country detailing the legal framework, registration, land transaction and the mortgage process, services available and the roles and responsibilities of authorities in the land transaction process. The reference information on each country can be used in conjunction with searches of the register or as background information on the local environment. Furthermore EULIS has developed a common terminology and translation tool to facilitate the understanding of different legal concepts related to land law in the EU.

For more details please visit the Link opens in new windowEULIS website.

What is ELRA?

ELRA is a non profit association in accordance with the Laws in Belgium, consisting of 29 organisations representing the Land Registries of 22 European Member States. Its primary purpose is the development and understanding of the role of land registration in real property and capital markets.

What does ELRA offer?

The mission and primary purpose of ELRA is the development and understanding of the role of land registration in real estate property and capital markets.

Under the terms of the Framework Partnership Agreement with EU-Level Networks, ELRA is developing different activities, such as workshops to discuss the impact of European Regulations on land registries and their customers.

Besides, ELRA is developing the IMOLA project (Interoperability for Land Registers), which has been part-funded by the European Commission.

Using the expertise of ELRA’s Network, ELRN “Contact Points”, this project has developed an electronic template (the European Land Registry Document or ELRD) which can be used to display land registry information from any Member State.

Another relevant ELRA project was CROBECO (Cross Border e-Conveyancing), which concerned cross border registration in foreign Land Registers and it was awarded by the Civil Justice specific programme. The project aimed to facilitate a European real estate market by supporting foreign buyers of a (second) home in the EU.

For more details please visit the Link opens in new windowELRA website.


Within ELRA, the Link opens in new windowELRN (European Land Registry Network) was set up in 2010 among ELRA members. It is designed to resemble the EJN, in order to facilitate mutual cooperation and even possible future integration. Currently 22 ELRA members from 19 Member States have joined the Network. Each organization appoints a registrar, that is, a land registry officer expert in property rights and land registration, as its contact point for the Network.

The ELRN set up tools to facilitate friendly access to their services at European level, a set of seven information fact sheets explaining different topics as Land Registry publicity, the European Certificate of Inheritance or Hidden charges has been created since 2012.

For more information please visit the Link opens in new windowELRN website

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Last update: 14/02/2018