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Member State case law - Bulgaria

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This section provides you with an overview of Bulgarian case law as well as a description and links to relevant case law databases.

The Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) has overall supervision of the accurate and equitable enactment of laws in administrative justice.

The SAC deals with appeals and protestations against acts of the Council of Ministers, the prime minister, the deputy prime ministers, ministers, heads of other institutions that are directly subordinate to the Council of Ministers, acts of the Supreme Judicial Council, acts of the Bulgarian National Bank, acts of the district governors, as well as other acts specified in law. The court renders decisions on disputes about the lawfulness of delegated legislative instruments. As a cassation instance, it examines court decisions on administrative cases and deals with requests to reverse effective court decisions in administrative cases.

The Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) is the supreme judicial instance in criminal, commercial and civil cases. Its jurisdiction covers the entire territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Justice is administered by a Supreme Court of Cassation, a Supreme Administrative Court, appellate courts, district courts, military courts and regional courts. Judgements and decisions are stored in information databases of the respective courts, in both paper and electronic versions.

Case-law made available on a website

The Link opens in new windowSupreme Administrative Court has had a website since the beginning of the year 2002. The site was created in order to meet the needs of individuals, legal entities and administrative bodies requiring easy access to information on the judicial activities of the court.

The case law is available on the court’s website. Access to the database is subject to registration, which is standard and free (username and password).

The Link opens in new windowSupreme Court of Cassation has a website that provides direct access to the information database of the Supreme Court.

Presentation of decisions / Headlines

The Supreme Administrative Court

There is no title or headline introducing decisions or other activities of the Supreme Administrative Court available on the web. An Act appears with its number, date of issue and the number of the case it refers to, for example:

“Решение №5908 от 23.06.2005 по Дело №4242/2005”

The Supreme Court of Cassation

Judgements are issued as paper copies and are published in the bulletin, yearbook and internet site of the Link opens in new windowSupreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Search options are as follows: by data at court and names of parties to the case; by case number as registered with the Supreme Court of Cassation; by case number at the division of the Supreme Court of Cassation.

Complete versions of judgements (with deleted personal data) delivered after 1st October 2008 are accessible via the link at the bottom of the ‘search result’ page.

News and press releases by the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Bulgaria are regularly published in the press office section of the web site of the Supreme Court. Judgements in cases of high public interest are published in this section and also in the information database of the Supreme Court of Cassation.


The Supreme Administrative Court

Case-law is available on SAC website in HTML format.

The Supreme Court of Cassation

Case-law is available on VKS website in PDF format.

Courts concerned

Further proceedings

Supreme Courts – SAC & VKS

Other courts

Is information available:

  • as to appeals?



  • as to whether a case is still pending?



  • as to the result of appeals?



  • as to the irrevocability of the decision?



  • as to further proceedings before:    

  another internal court (Constitutional Court…)?

  the European Court of Justice?

  the Court of Human Rights?



Publication rules

At the national level?

At the level of courts?

Are there binding rules for the publication of case law:

Yes – Art.64, paragraph 1 Judiciary System Act


Supreme courts

Other courts

Is full case law published or only a selection?

SAC & VKS – full case law

Full case law/only a selection

If a selection is done, what are the criteria applied?



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