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    • État membre: Belgique
    • Titre: Avis sur les pratiques commerciales déloyales et les annonces de réduction de prix
    • Émanant de: Raad voor het Verbruik
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    • Mots clés: misleading commercial practices, price indication, price reductions, prior information, unfair commercial practices
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  • Articles de la directive
    Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, Chapter 2, Article 5
  • Note introductive
    Following the European Court of Justice's decision on 14 July 2014, which declared that the then-current Belgian rules on the announcement of price reductions was not in line with European rules, the Belgian legislator removed those specific provisions from Belgian consumer law. In order to establish some guidance on how to avoid that the announcement of price reductions could be considered misleading under the provisions of Directive 2005/29 (as implemented in Belgian law), the Raad voor het Verbruik established some general guidelines on what to take into account when announcing price reductions towards consumers.
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