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Judicial systems in Member States - Greece

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This section gives an overview of the judicial system in Greece.

Organisation of justice — judicial systems

Justice in Greece is one of the three functions of the State. According to the principle of separation of powers, justice is independent from the legislature and the executive.

Types of courts — short description

The courts in Greece are divided into the following main categories:

  • Administrative courts
  • Civil courts
  • Criminal courts

Administration of courts

The courts are administered by judicial officials and, in particular, by the President of the Court of Justice or the three-member Council of the Court of Justice, as the case may be.

Hierarchy of courts

Political Courts:

  • Supreme Court of Appeal, Courts of Appeal, Courts of First Instance

Criminal Courts:

  • Areios Pagos, Court of Appeal, Misdemeanour Court, Regional Courts

Administrative Courts:

  • Council of State, administrative courts of appeal, administrative courts of first instance

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