• Detalii privind cazul
    • ID național: 1988/2005
    • Statul membru: România
    • Denumire comună:N/A
    • Tipul de decizie: Altele
    • Data deciziei: 07/10/2005
    • Instanţa: Inalta Curte de Casatie si Justitie
    • Obiect:
    • Reclamantul:
    • Pârâtul:
    • Cuvinte-cheie: Jurisprudenţă România română
  • Articole din directivă
    Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Article 5
  • Notă preliminară
    The High Court of Cassation and Justice did not apply the provisions of article 1 para 2 of the Law no. 193/2000 on abusive clauses in the contracts concluded between traders and consumers because the claimant only invoked the mentioned provisions (which establish an interpretation principle: when there is a doubt over the interpretation of a contractual clause, such clause shall be interpreted in favor of the consumer) without mentioning of what consisted the breach of this legal provisions with reference to the supply contract and free lease contract concluded between the claimant and the defendant.
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