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European Commission invites applications for judicial training projects and allocates 5.5 million €


The European Commission has increased financial support for judicial training projects by 500.000 €.

All organizations envisaging to implement European judicial training activities together with partners from at least one other EU Member State are invited to compete with their proposals for financial support of 5.5 million € in total. They will have time until mid November to draft high-quality projects on training legal practitioners in EU law or law of other EU member states, developing training material or other activities helpful to implement judicial training in the European Union and get into contact with similarly minded partners from other EU Member States. Applicants may be inspired by good practices of European judicial training found in pilot project studies in 2014 and accessible here.

This year, the funding priorities fixed by the European Commission include in particular the prosecution of suspects of terrorism and organized crime as well as the prevention of radicalisation in detention, including the use of alternatives to imprisonment. An amount of up to 1.5 million € is allocated to this priority. It is also possible to demonstrate that the project is tackling further training needs of the legal practice, not mentioned in the list of expressly mentioned priorities. All the details of the call can be accessed Link opens in new windowhere.