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If my claim is to be sent from this country to another EU country - Germany

Ova je stranica strojno prevedena i njezina kvaliteta nije zajamčena.

Kvaliteta ovog prijevoda ocijenjena je kao: prosječna

Smatrate li ovaj prijevod korisnim?

Which authority can help me in sending your application to another EU country?

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs,
Rochusstr. 1
53123 Bonn

Tel: + 49 228 99527 0 Fax:
+ 49 228 99527 4134

E-mail: Link opens in new

For more information, please go to:

Link opens in new windowRight to compensation for acts of violence abroad

Link opens in new windowCompensation for victims of offences committed in another EU Member State

What is the role of the assisting authority?

The German Support Office at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs helps victims of violence residing in Germany to claim compensation in the European Member State where they have suffered harm.

Their duties shall include, in particular:

  • provide victims of violent information with information on how to apply for compensation abroad (including information on the procedure to be followed, the date of the application, the conditions for eligibility, the documentation required to accompany the application).
  • To make available the application forms to be submitted by the Party States;
  • to identify the competent authority in the State of infringer who decides on the right to compensation;
  • transmit the application for compensation to the supporting documents submitted there;
  • Translate documents and correspondence, free of charge, into their own language;
  • to accompany the continuation of the compensation procedure and to inform the persons concerned of the state of play.

An application is a matter for the EU Member States to decide exclusively under their national law. The German supporting authority cannot interfere with the procedure or influence the decision.

Will this authority translate the supporting documents, if the outgoing claim needs this? If so, who bears the costs?

You can send the required documents in your national language. These will be translated for you free of charge.

Are there any administrative or other charges if the application is sent abroad?

No fees are charged by the German side. It is possible that other EU Member States require a fee before your application is processed.

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Last update: 16/08/2019