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If my claim is to be sent from this country to another EU country - Portugal

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Which authority will help me send a claim to another EU country?

The Crime Victim Protection Commission (cPCV): Link opens in new windowHttps://

What is the role of the assisting authority?

The “Assistência de Assistência” in Portugal is the Commission for Protection of Victims of Crime (Link opens in new window and has the following tasks:

  • Helps provide the information necessary to complete the application/application;
  • Transmit the requests to the decision authority of the Member State where the crime was committed;
  • Guide applicants if additional documents are required;
  • It shall organise a hearing in the event that the decision authority in another EU Member State considers it necessary.

Will this authority translate the supporting documents, if the outgoing claim needs this? If so, who pays for this?

Documents must be submitted in Portuguese or English. Where necessary, expenditure shall be borne by the cPCV.

Are there administrative or other charges to be paid when the claim is sent abroad?


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Last update: 27/08/2019